Sentence Examples

  • In this valley were laid down, either in Eocene or Oligocene times, a great series of lake beds and thick accumulations of brown coal.
  • Artiodactyla date from the Eocene period, when they appear to have been less numerous than the Perissodactyla, although at the present day they are immeasurably ahead of that group, and form indeed the dominant ungulates.
  • The family is represented in the Lower, or Wasatch, Eocene by Trigonolestes, in the Middle (Bridger) Eocene by Homacodon (Pantolestes), and in the Upper (Uinta) Eocene by Bunomeryx.
  • In the Old World a large number of fossil forms are known, of which the earliest is the Egyptian Eocene Geniohyus.
  • (X 8.) have existed since the Early U, ulna; R, radius; c, cuneiform; Eocene period.

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