Sentence Examples

  • The lunations are supposed to consist of twenty-nine and thirty days alternately, or the lunar year of 354 days; and in order to make up nineteen solar years, six embolismic or intercalary months, of thirty days each, are introduced in the course of the cycle, and one of twenty-nine days is added at the end.
  • The Year Is Luni Solar, And, According As It Is Ordinary Or Embolismic, Consists Of Twelve Or Thirteen Lunar Months, Each Of Which Has 29 Or 30 Days.
  • Thus The Duration Of The Ordinary Year Is 354 Days, And That Of The Embolismic Is 384 Days.
  • The Distribution Of The Embolismic Years, In Each Cycle Of 19 Years, Is Determined According To The Following Rule: The Number Of The Hebrew Year (Y) Which Has Its Commencement In A Gregorian Year (X) Is Obtained By The Addition Of 3761 Years; That Is, Y=X } 3761.
  • If The Remainder Be 3, 6, 8, 14, 17 Or 19 (O), The Year Is Embolismic; If Any Other Number, It Is Ordinary.

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