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  • By Elzevir (1713); in French in 13 vols.
  • Elzevir of Amsterdam, his Descriptio Regni Japoniae, an excellent compilation.
  • Next year (1650) appeared, also through Elzevir, the work by which he is best known, his Geographia Generalis, in which he endeavoured to lay down the general principles of the subject on a wide scientific basis, according to the knowledge of his day.
  • The two brothers, Bonaventura and Abraham Elzevir, published two editions at Leiden in 1624 and 1633, based chiefly on Beza's text.
  • The Elzevir text has formed the basis of all non-critical editions on the continent, but in England the 1550 edition of Stephanus has been more generally followed.

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