Sentence Examples

  • The first king of Deira of whom we know was Ella, or Aelle, who, according to Bede, was still reigning when Augustine arrived in 597.
  • On the expulsion of Osberht, Ella or Ælle, succeeded.
  • Ella seems now to have made peace with the exiled king Osberht, and their united forces succeeded in recovering the city.
  • In the great battle which ensued the Northumbrian army was annihilated and both kings slain (the death of Ella, according to Irish tradition, being due to the treachery of one of his followers).
  • ZEthelfrith, king of Bernicia, united Deira to his own kingdom, probably about 605, and the union continued under his successor Edwin, son of Ella or Ælle, king of Deira.

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