Sentence Examples

  • Nachani (Eleusine coracana) and kodra (Paspalum scrobiculatum), inferior grains grown on the hill-sides, furnish food to the Kolis, Bhils, Waralis, and other aboriginal tribes.
  • Eleusine indica is a common tropical weed; the nearly allied species E.
  • Cynodon Dactylon, Eleusine indica, Imperata arundinacea, Sporobolus indicus, &c., and such weeds of cultivation as species of Setaria, Echinochloa.
  • They grew bananas, manioc, the sweet potato, the sugarcane, maize, sorghum, rice, millet, eleusine and other fruits and vegetables, as well as tobacco, but the constant state of fear in which they lived, either of their neighbours or of the Arabs, offered small inducement to industry.
  • Species of Paspalum, Eleusine and Milium, are also cultivated as millets.

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