Sentence Examples

  • Electrolysis of a solution in hydrofluoric acid gives cobaltic fluoride, CoF3.
  • 59, p. 760) has prepared cobaltic sulphate C02(S04)3.18H20, in the form of small needles, by the electrolysis of cobalt sulphate.
  • If in a vessel of nitric acid are placed a large platinum plate and a platinum electrode of very small surface such as that produced when an extremely fine platinum wire is slightly immersed in the liquid, and if a current from a single voltaic cell is passed through the electrolytic cell so that the fine wire is the anode or positive pole, then the small surface will be polarized or covered with a film of gas due to electrolysis (fig.
  • This acid may also be prepared by the electrolysis of concentrated sulphuric acid, and it is distinguishable from persulphuric acid by the fact that it immediately liberates iodine from potassium iodide.
  • From the behaviour of substances on electrolysis he assumed that all substances had two components, one bearing a negative charge, the other a positive charge.

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