Sentence Examples

  • 2.- Various Forms of Tapeworms. A, Taenia echinococcus; X 12 (from Leuckart).
  • Taenia echinococcus has only three, Echinobothrium four, Bothriocephalus three thousand.
  • Man himself, as well as other mammals, is the intermediate host of the dangerous parasite, Taenia echinococcus, in countries where cleanliness is neglected; the pig is the host of Taenia solium, and other cases may be seen from the table at the end of this article.
  • D, stages in the development of the broodcapsules in Echinococcus: a, the thickening of the parenchyma of the bladder; b, subsequent formation of a cavity in it; c, development of the suckers; d, a capsule with one head inverted into its cavity; e, a capsule with two heads; X 90.
  • B, Echinococcus, showing at a and b the formation of secondary bladders, which at c are forming scolices.

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