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  • Alone among French rivers, the Rhne, itself Alpine in character in its upper course, is partly fed by Alpine rivers (the Arve, the Isre and the Durance) which have their floodsin spring at the melting of the snow, and are maintained by glacierwater in summer.
  • DURANCE (anc. Druentia), one of the principal rivers descending from the French slope of the Alps towards the Mediterranean.
  • It then runs through a stony plain, where it frequently overflows and causes great damage, this being indeed the main characteristic of the Durance throughout its course.
  • He was not so fortunate in 1849, when he underwent a year's durance for resistance to the authorities of Dusseldorf during the troubles of that stormy period.
  • After a space, in which he held no diplomatic post, he became ambassador of the French Republic at Naples; but, while repairing thither with De Semonville he was captured by the Austrians and was kept in durance by them for some thirty months, until, at the close of 1795, the two were set free in return for the liberation of the daughter of Louis XVI.

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