Sentence Examples

  • In some cases a pair of animals pro- ‘ duce ten million offspring, and in such a number a large range of congenital variation is possible.
  • To re- duce resistance, these cupolas were made telescopic in the French submarines "Gymnote "and the " Gustave Zede, " but the arrangement proved unsatisfactory.
  • The motto of the order was Duce et auspice.
  • Riding of Yorkshire are especially productive in all crops these; the North and West Ridings of Yorkshire pro duce a notable quantity of barley and oats; and the oat-crops in the following counties deserve mention - Devonshire, Hampshire, Lancashire, Cumberland, Cornwall, Cheshire and Sussex.
  • His examination of archives during his travels had awakened in him a taste for historical research, and under his rule St Blasien became a notable centre of the methodical study of history; it was here that Marquard Herrgott wrote his Monuments domus Austriacae, of which the first two volumes were edited, for the second edition, by Gerbert, who also published a Codex epistolaris Rudolphi I., Romani regis (1772) and De Rudolpho Suevico comite de Rhinfelden, duce et rege, deque ejus familia (1785).

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