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  • During his struggles with the Saxons; he fought for Henry at Warnsta,dt and was killed in his service at Welfesholz.
  • If I be the change in the internal energy, the relation referred to gives us the equation A = I +T (dA/dT), where dA/dT denotes the rate of change of the available energy of the system per degree change in temperature.
  • Hence we get the equation Ee = Le +Te (dE/dT) or E = L+T(dE/dT), as a particular case of the general thermodynamic equation of available energy.
  • It will be noticed that when dE/dT is zero, that is, when the electromotive force of the cell does not change with temperature.
  • According to this notation, the three equations of motion are dt2 = b2v2E + (a2 - b2) d.s dt =b2v2rj+(a2 - b2) dy d2 CIF - b2p2+(a2_b2)dz It is to be observed that denotes the dilatation of volume of the element situated at (x, y, z).

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