Sentence Examples

  • As Exelmans' dragoons had already gained touch of the III.
  • Wayne's dragoons broke through the brushwood, attacked the left flank of the Indians and soon put them to flight.
  • Sir Ralph Abercromby was here engaged in personal conflict with some French dragoons, and about this time received a mortal wound, though he remained on the field and in command to the end.
  • And Guard corps followed the main road towards Konigsberg, and the former had reached Miihlhausen, the remainder were about Preussisch-Eylau, when Latour Maubourg's dragoons sent in intelligence which pointed to the presence of Bennigsen about Friedland.
  • Then the 1st Guard Dragoons (since known as Queen Victoria's regiment), after a brilliant manoeuvre under heavy fire, to get into the best position for delivering a charge, rode down the whole French line of pursuers from left to right, and by their heroic self-sacrifice relieved the remnants of the infantry from further pursuit.