Sentence Examples

  • So that Denoting dx/dt, the horizontal component of the velocity, by q, (49) v cos i =q, equation (43) becomes (50) dq/dt= -r cos i, and therefore by !(48) (51) dq _dq dt ry di - dt di-g' It is convenient to express r as a function of v in the previous notation (52) Cr = f(v), dq _vf(v) di - Cg ' an equation connecting q and i.
  • Now, since v sec i (54) di sec i dq C f(q sec i)' and multiplying by /dt or q, (55) dx C q sec i dq - f (q sec i)' and multiplying by dy/dx or tan i, (56) dy C q sec i tan dq - f (q sec i) ' also (57) di Cg dq g sec i .f (g sec i)' (58) d tan i C g sec i dq - q.
  • These circuital relations, when expressed analytically, are then for a dielectric medium of types = (dt + x) (f',g',h')+dt(f,g,h), dR dQ = da dy dz dt' ' I See H.
  • If BN, CP, DQ, FS, GT are the perpen diculars to AE from the angular points, the ordinates NB, PC,..
  • Dp n dq n be spoken of as the " extension " of this range of values.

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