Sentence Examples

  • Choose a child- Once your dossier has been received and accepted, you will be allowed to look at pictures of children who are available for adoption.
  • An adoption in China, just like any other adoption, will require you to assemble a portfolio, or dossier, with detailed information about yourself.
  • Complete a dossier- You must submit a dossier that contains specific paperwork including information about yourself and your family members.
  • The official dossier of Favras's trial for high treason against the nation disappeared from the Chatelet, but its substance is preserved in the papers of a clerk.
  • It was argued by Andrew Lang that Wood was likely to show these letters to Lennox; and that as Lennox follows Moray's version of Mary's long and murderous letter, and does not follow Letter II., the murderous letter (a forgery) was then part of the dossier of Mary's accusers.

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