Sentence Examples

  • The ibis is chiefly an inhabitant of the Nile basin from Dongola southward, as well as of Kordofan and Sennar; whence about midsummer it moves northwards to Egypt.
  • Nubia at once submitted, the Shagia Arabs immediately beyond the province of Dongola were worsted, the remnant of the Mamelukes dispersed, and Sennr reduced without a battle.
  • The authorities in Egypt, headed by General Stephenson, subsequently fupported by the Admiral Lord John Hay, who sent a naval)fflcer to examine the river as far as Dongola, were unanimous n favor of the Suakin-Berber route.
  • The question of routes continued to be the subject of animated discussion, and on the 29th of July a committee of three officers who had served in the Red River expedition reported: We believe that a brigade can easily be.conveyed in small boats from Cairo to Dongola in the time stated by Lord Wolseley; and, further, that should it be necessary to send a still larger force by water to Kbartum, that operation will present no insuperable difficulties.
  • He considered it necessary to hold Dongola, and he reported that he was distributing this army along the left bank of the Nile, on the open reach of water between the Hannek cataract and Abu Dom, opposite Merawi.