Sentence Examples

  • The names of these five solids are: (r) the tetrahedron, enclosed by four equilateral triangles; (2) the cube or hexahedron, enclosed by 6 squares; (3) the octahedron, enclosed by 8 equilateral triangles; (4) the dodecahedron, enclosed by 12 pentagons; (5) the icosahedron, enclosed by 20 equilateral triangles.
  • The first three were certainly known to the Egyptians; and it is probable that the icosahedron and dodecahedron were added by the Greeks.
  • The small stellated dodecahedron is formed by stellating the Platonic dodecahedron (by "stellating " is meant developing the faces contiguous to a specified base so as to form a regular pyramid).
  • The great dodecahedron is determined by the intersections of the twelve planes which intersect the Platonic icosahedron in five of its edges; or each face has the same boundaries as the basal sides of five covertical faces of the icosahedron.
  • The truncated dodecahedron is formed by truncating the vertices of a dodecahedron parallel to the faces of the coaxial icosahedron so as to leave the former decagons.

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