Sentence Examples

  • Elie de Beaumont, in his speculations on the relation between the direction of mountain ranges and their geological age and character, was feeling towards a comprehensive theory of the forms of crustal relief; but his ideas were too geometrical, and his theory that the earth is a spheroid built up on a rhombic dodecahedron, the pentagonal faces of which determined the direction of mountain ranges, could not be proved.'
  • The rhombic faces of the dodecahedron are often striated parallel to the longer diagonal.
  • 1 shows P the cube {100}, d the octahedron {III }, and e the pentagonal dodecahedron {210}.
  • 2 {2 Io} and {III} are associated with f the dyakis-dodecahedron 1321}; whilst fig.
  • African stones; and the dodecahedron is perhaps more common in Brazil than elsewhere.

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