Sentence Examples

  • Its two members were reduced to one by the act of 1867, and the borough was disfranchised in 1885.
  • The township returned two members to parliament from 1559 to 1831, but was disfranchised by the Reform Act of 1832.
  • It returned two members to parliament from 1295 till 1831, and afterwards one member only until 1867, when it was disfranchised for corruption.
  • The irritation of the disfranchised proletariat was moreover increased by the appalling dearness of bread and food generally, which the suspicious temper of the timesfomented by the tirades of Marat in the A mi du peupleascribed to English intrigues in revenge for the aid given by France to the American colonies, and to the treachery in high places that made these intrigues successful.
  • Cricklade was a borough by prescription at least as early as the Domesday Survey, and returned two members to parliament from 1295 until disfranchised by the Redistribution Act of 1885.

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