Sentence Examples

  • At first the diggings were chiefly along the rivers.
  • The first discovery of gold in mining quantities was made by Hargraves in 1851, at the junction of Lewis Ponds and Summerhill Creek, in what was called the Ophir Diggings, near Bathurst.
  • 4 By the middle of September snow flurries have announced the imminence of winter, the smaller streams congeal, the earth freezes, the miner perforce abandons his diggings, and navigation ceases even on the Yukon in October.
  • 1 In the lead regions in the S.W., with the help of Pawnee slaves, the Indians worked the lead diggings in a rough way.
  • On the discovery of the "dry diggings" at Kimberley, the majority of the diggers removed thither.

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