Sentence Examples

  • Ethylene dibromide) with silver acetate or with potassium acetate and alcohol, the esters so produced being then hydrolysed with caustic alkalis, thus: C 2 H 4 Br 2 + C2H302 Ag-*C2H4(O C2H30)2->C2H4(OH)2+2K C2H302 by the direct union of water with the alkylen oxides; by oxidation of the olefines with cold potassium permanganate solution (G.
  • Chim., 18 59 [3], 55, p. 400) from ethylene dibromide and silver acetate.
  • Phenylpropiolic acid, C 6 H 5 C:C CO 2 H, formed by the action of alcoholic potash on cinnamic acid dibromide, C 6 H 5 CHBr CHBr CO 2 H, crystallizes in long needles or prisms which melt at 136-137° C. When heated with water to 120° C. it yields phenyl acetylene CsH b C; CH.
  • Ortho-nitrophenylpropiolic acid, NO 2 C 6 1-1 4 -C: C CO 2 H, prepared by the action of alcoholic potash on ortho-nitrocinnamic acid dibromide (A.
  • It combines with bromine to form a dibromide, from which E.

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