Sentence Examples

  • The dhoti is a simple piece of cloth (cotton), generally white.
  • The garment distinctive of the Hindus of all castes, men and women, all over India, is the dhoti or loin cloth.
  • The dhoti is known under many names, dhutia, pitambar, lungi, &c. In some parts of India half the dhoti only is wound round the loins, the other half being thrown over the left shoulder.
  • - Deccan Brahman wearing pagri, dhoti or pitamber, anga and dopatta.
  • Under Mahommedan influence Hindu clothing developed into " suits," consisting of five pieces for men, hence called pancho tuk kapra - (z) head-dress, (2) dhoti, (3) coat, (4) chaddar or sheet, (5) bathing cloth; and three for women, hence called tin tuk - (i) dhoti, (2) jacket, (3) shawl.

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