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  • To appease these, offerings are made to them either direct or through the mediation of the Devas (domestic or agrarian deities); and if these avail not, the Menyepi or Great Sacrifice is resorted to.
  • Bonne in 1808, but owing to the wars then devas tating Europe no steps were taken until 1817, and the Carte de France de l'etat major on a scale of 1: 80,000 was only completed in 1880.
  • 472, taken from the Shapurakan, as part of a description of the sun-god in his ship or reservoir the sun, we have a mention of Az and Ahriman and the devas (demons), the Pairikas.
  • Devas, Skr.
  • Devas), and even in Old Norse the plural (tivar) was still used in the same sense.

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