Sentence Examples

  • Far more famous is the Delphic, or more strictly, the Pylaeic-Delphic, amphictyony.
  • According to the traditional account, when Greece was threatened with famine, the Delphic oracle ordered firstfruits to be brought to Athens from all parts of the country, which were to be offered by the Athenians to the goddess Deo on behalf of all the contributors.
  • Under the dominion of the Roman republic its national league was dissolved, but was revived by Augustus, who also restored to Phocis the votes in the Delphic Amphictyony which it had lost in 346 and enrolled it in the new Achaean synod.
  • The Delphic oracle bade them sacrifice a virgin of the house of Aepytus.
  • According to the common story, the Locrians consulted the Delphic oracle as to a remedy for the disorder and lawlessness that were rife amongst them.

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