Sentence Examples

  • Until 1869 the expenditure of the colony was partly defrayed by imperial grants-in-aid, but after that date it was left to its own resources.
  • But since 1894 all extraordinary items of expenditure, with the exception of those for the construction of new lines of railway, have been defrayed out of ordinary revenue.
  • At last the book appeared in 1482, the expenses of the press being defrayed by the noble Florentine, Filippo Valori.
  • Expenditure, as under the Seljuk sultans, was defrayed partly in cash, partly in " assignations " (havale).
  • This enterprise, of which the expenses were defrayed by the Jacobin Club, made him well known to the revolutionary leaders; and he made himself still more conspicuous in organizing the great "Fete de la Liberte" on the 1 5th of April 1792, in honour of the released soldiers of Chateau-Vieux, with Collot d'Herbois.

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