Sentence Examples

  • Besides the Aurunci and the dea Marica and;the intempestaeque Graviscae (Virg.
  • BONA DEA, the "good goddess," an old Roman deity of fruitfulness, both in the earth and in women.
  • 2 3.81), and as Dea Syria, or in one word Deasura (Lucian, de Dea Syria).
  • Lucian's De Dea Syria, § 48; for " bees," &c., as titles of sacred attendants, see J.
  • Thus we hear of temples dedicated to Juventas=Hebe (191 B.C.), Diana=Artemis (179 B.C.), Mars=Ares (138 B.C.), and find even such unexpected identifications as that of the Bona Dea - a cult title of the ancient Fauna, the female counterpart of the countryside numen Faunus - with a Greek goddess of women, Damia.

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