Sentence Examples

  • Till its junction at Ed Darner with the Nile.
  • It was the capital of the mudiria until 1905, in which year the headquarters of the province were transferred to Ed Darner, a town near the confluence of the Nile and Atbara.
  • He occupied Abu Klea wells and Metemma; recalled the amir Ibrahim Khalil, with 4000 men, from the Ghezira; brought to Omdurman thc army of the west under Mahmudsome 10,000 men; entrusted the line of the AtbaraEd Darner, Adarama, Asubri and El Fasherto Osman Digna; constructed defences in the Shabluka gorge; and personally superintended the organization and drill of the forces gathered at Orndurman, and the collection of vast stores of food and supplies of camels for offensive expeditions.

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