Sentence Examples

  • (1905); Klebahn, Die wirtwechselnden Rostpilze (Berlin, 1904); Sapin-Trouffy, "Recherches histologiques sur la famine des Uredinees," Le Botaniste (1896-1897); Blackman, "On the Fertilization, Alternation of Generations and General Cytology of the Uredineae," Ann.
  • - MOSt of the recent work of importance in this group deals with the cytology of sexual reproduction and of spore-formation, and the effect of external conditions on the production of reproductive organs.
  • The cytology of zygospore-formation is not known in detail; the so-called gametes which fuse are multinucleate and are no doubt of the nature of gametangia.
  • The cytology of these forms is very little known; Dangeard states that there is a fusion of two nuclei in the chlamydospore, but this requires confirmation.
  • For a more detailed description of the cell see CYTOLOGY and the section on Cytology of Plants below).

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