Sentence Examples

  • FULMINIC ACID, Hcno or H 2 C 2 N 2 0 2, an organic acid isomeric with cyanic and cyanuric acids; its salts, termed fulminates, are very explosive and are much employed as detonators.
  • Mention may be made here of cyanuric acid, H3C3N303, which contains the same ring system as the cyanidines.
  • It was first prepared by C. Scheele and is formed when urea HO C< N C-OH is strongly heated or when cyanuric chloride > N is treated with water.
  • Hantzsch, Ber., 1906, 39, p. 139): Ordinary temperature Cyamelide (CNOH) 3 Cyanic acid CNOH HO ions 1 High Cyanuric acid Decomposes with temperature
  • Graham's work was developed by Liebig, who called into service many organic acids - citric, tartaric, cyanuric, comenic and meconic - and showed that these resembled phosphoric acid; and he established as the criterion of polybasicity the existence of compound salts with different metallic oxides.

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