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  • The study of phylogeny has suggested fourteen classes arranged in the following sequence: (1) Bacteria; (2) Cyanophyceae (Blue-green algae); (3) Flagellatae; (4) Myxomycetes (Slime-fungi); (5) Pendineae; (6) Conjugatae; (7) Diatomaceae (Diatoms); (8) Fleteroconteae; (9) Chlorophyceae (Green Algae); (10) Characeae (Stoneworts); (II) Rhodophyceae (Red Algae); (12) Eumycetes (Fungi);
  • Glycogen, a substance related to starch and sugar, is found in the Fungi and Cyanophyceae as a food reserve.
  • Vol ut-in occurs in the cytoplasm of various Fungi, Bacteria, Cyanophyceae, diatoms, &c., in the form of minute granules which have a characteristic reaction towards methylene blue (Meyer).
  • The Nucleus.The nucleus has been demonstrated in all plants with the exception of the Cyanophyceae and Bacteria, and even.
  • The only groups of plants in which typical nuclei have not been found are the Cyanophyceae, Bacteria and Yeast Fungi.

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