Sentence Examples

  • In Iiia, the episternum (a) and cx, Coxa.
  • Af Expression in Terms of Roots.-Since x+y y =mf, if we take cx any root x 3, y1, ofand substitute in mf we must obtain, y 1 C) zaZ1 �; hence the resultant of and f is, disregarding numerical factors, y,y2...y,,.
  • Other forms are n-1 n-2 2 ax +nbx x +n(n-i)cx x +..., 1121 2 the binomial coefficients C) being replaced by s!(e), and n 1, n-1 1 n-2 2 ax 1 +l i ox l 'x 2 + L ?cx 1 'x2+..., the special convenience of which will appear later.
  • May be a simultaneous invariant of a number of different forms az', bx 2, cx 3, ..., where n1, n 2, n3, ...
  • From the three equations ax = alxl+ a2x2, b.= blxl+b2x2, cx = clxi+c2x2, we find by eliminating x, and x 2 the relation a x (bc)+b x (ca) +c x (ab) =0.

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