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  • CX, i.e.
  • They decided to set the Robertinians against the Carolingians, and on their advice Hugh Capet dispersed the assembly of Compigne which Lothair had commissioned to cx- Louis V.
  • The Cartesian equation to the caustic produced by reflection at a circle of rays diverging from any point was obtained by Joseph Louis Lagrange; it may be expressed in theform 1(4,2_ a2) (x 2+ y2) - 2a 2 cx - a 2 c 2 1 3 = 2 7 a4c2y2 (x2 + y2 - c2)2, where a is the radius of the reflecting circle, and c the distance of the luminous point from the centre of the circle.
  • 123 and 124) is the following: If points X and x are taken dividing the link BC and the tangential velocity cb, sothat cx: xb=CX:XB, then Ox represents the velocity of the point X in magnitude and direction.
  • As if containing the OH group; this leads to the formula H 3 C C(OH): CX CO 2 C 2 H 5.

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