Sentence Examples

  • The theory that the medusa is simply an organ, which has become detached and has acquired a certain degree of independence, like the well-known instance of the hectocotyle of the cuttle-fish.
  • Among the Ahts, in North America,' fire was stolen by animals from the cuttle-fish.
  • The cuttle-fish is abundant, and is sought for as an article of food.
  • It is important to observe that the term µaXaiaa, of which Mollusca is merely a latinized form, was used by Aristotle to indicate a group consisting of the cuttle-fishes only.
  • Bottlenoses feed on cuttle-fishes and squills, and are practically toothless; the only teeth which exist in the adult being a small pair at the front of the lower jaw, concealed beneath the gum during life.

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