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  • According to Egleston the loss may be from 40 to 90% of the total gold present in cupriferous ores according to the temperature and duration of calcination.
  • An extremely important variety of pyrites is that which is more or less cupriferous, and is commonly known commercially as "copper-pyrites" (q.v.), though distinct mineralogically from that mineral.
  • Deposits of such cupriferous pyrites are widely distributed and are often of great magnitude.
  • The largest producer is Spain, with upwards of 350,000 tons, including the cupriferous pyrites.
  • Though it contains far too much sulphur to be used in iron manufacture without first being desulphurized, yet great quantities of slightly cupriferous pyrite, after yielding nearly all their sulphur in the manufacture of sulphuric acid, and most of the remainder in the wet extraction of their copper, are then used under the name of " blue billy " or " purple ore," as an ore of iron, a use which is likely to increase greatly in importance with the gradual exhaustion of the richest deposits of the oxidized ores.

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