Sentence Examples

  • The Old Gate and the Gate of Ephraim, 400 cubits from the corner.'
  • From the Valley Gate the wall took an easterly course for a distance of woo cubits to the Dung Gate, near which on the east was the Fountain Gate, not far from the lower pool of Siloam.
  • The first accurate description of the plant is given by Theophrastus, from whom we learn that it grew in shallows of 2 cubits (about 3 ft.) or less, its main root being of the thickness of a man's wrist and 10 cubits in length.
  • From this root, which lay horizontally, smaller roots pushed down into the mud, and the stem of the plant sprang up to the height of 4 cubits, being triangular and tapering in form.
  • Its dimensions are given as 300 cubits long, 50 cubits broad and 30 cubits high (cubit =18-22 in.).