Sentence Examples

  • P. 1351) found that cryoscopic and electric conductivity measurements showed sodium fulminate to be NaCNO.
  • Soc. Chem., 1882 [2], 37, P. 434; 38, p. 60) have also shown that the specific heat of the gas decreases with increase of temperature until it reaches a minimum at about 198-253° C. Cryoscopic determinations of the molecular weight of nitrogen peroxide dissolved in glacial acetic acid show that it corresponds to the molecular formula N204 at low temperatures (W.
  • The specific rotation also varies with the concentration; this is due to the dissociation of complex molecules into simpler ones, a view confirmed by cryoscopic measurements.
  • Cryoscopic determinations of its molecular weight show that it is H 2 0 2.
  • Vapour density and cryoscopic determinations point to the double formula, P406.

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