Sentence Examples

  • The Varanidae stand quite alone, in many respects the highest of all lizards, with some, quite superficial, Crocodilian resemblances.
  • To this division are assigned the yellow sandstones of Elgin, which have yielded crocodilian and other reptilian remains, the discovery of which led to the rocks being separated from the Upper Old Red Sandstone, to which they had previously been thought to belong.
  • For sensitive bite indication I opted to use a sliding float, only to find that this was irresistible to these pea-brained crocodilians.
  • Reptiles & amphibians The Chinese alligator is the most endangered crocodilian - a survey in 1999 found just 150.
  • To claim ancient crocodilians were more " fit " to survive than today's is nonsensical.

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