Sentence Examples

  • Sieyês had drawn up at his request, and was elected in three - by the noblesse of Paris, Villers-Cotterets and Crepy-en-Valois.
  • The peace of Crepy in September 1544 deprived him of this employment, but he had won a considerable reputation, and when Charles was preparing to attack the league of Schmalkalden, he took pains to win Albert's assistance.
  • Henry supported the constable Montmorency when he was disgraced in 1541; protested against the treaty of Crepy in 1544; and at the end of the reign held himself completely aloof.
  • In Flanders in 1542, returning to England after the peace of Crepy (1544).
  • By his father's will he inherited the four lordships of Crepy, La Ferte - Milon, Pierrefonds and Bethisy, which together formed the coantship of Valois.

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