Sentence Examples

  • Rather than making financial contribution, which is costly and can have gift tax implications, family members can use their own creditworthiness and willingness to assist relatives simply by agreeing to a co-borrower arrangement.
  • While creditworthiness is a significant factor when making approval decision for any type of mortgage loan, lenders are especially cautious when it comes to financing mobile homes - even when the purchase includes land.
  • Although the exact formula is not publicized, FICO is now the industry standard for deciding a person's creditworthiness and is used by the three major credit reporting agencies: Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax.
  • Most gas credit cards feature an echelon of offerings - meaning the best credit scores receive one type of premium card while other applicants receive different cards depending on their creditworthiness.
  • Applicants should be reviewed solely on the basis of their creditworthiness, and not on their race, gender, or other factors that are not directly related to their ability to repay a debt.

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