Sentence Examples

  • Pheasants, ducks, geese and snipe are abundant, and Dr C. Collingwood in his Naturalist's Rambles in the China Seas mentions .Ardea prasinosceles and other species of herons, several species of fly-catchers, kingfishers, shrikes and larks, the black drongo, the Cotyle sinensis and the Prinia sonitans.
  • The values are 1.5 times the Attic (Athenaeus, Theophrastus, &c.) (2, 18), or more closely 11 to 12 times (1/8)th of Attic. Hence, the Attic cotyle being 17.5 cub.
  • The Boeotian system (18) included the achane; if this=Persian, then cotyle = 24.7.
  • Or, separately through the Roman system, the mnasis of Cyprus (18) equals 170 sextarii; then the cotyle = 24.8.
  • By the theory of the metretes being 1.5 talents Aeginetan, the cotyle would be 23.3 to 24.7 cub.