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  • This is a low evergreen with the spreading and freely-branched habit of a Cotoneaster, with small leathery leaves and inconspicuous flowers, followed by small berries covered with tiny black specks.
  • Corokia Cotoneaster - Coming from the mountains, this kind is hardier, and easily grown in southern gardens.
  • The alpine rose (Rhododendron dauricum) clusters in masses on the higher mountains; juniper, spiraea, sorbus, the pseudo-acacia (Caragana sibirica and C. arborescens, C. jubata in some of the higher tracts), various Rosaceae - Potentilla fruticosa and Cotoneaster uniflora - the wild cherry (Prunus Padus), and many other shrubs occupy the spaces between the trees.
  • Cotoneaster (some species).
  • Cotoneaster (some species).

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