Sentence Examples

  • The pretext was the contumacy shown by the Locrian town Amphissa to the rulings of the Amphictyonic Council.
  • For this act of contumacy the king and kingdom were placed under interdict.
  • On France, in consequence of the contumacy of King Robert the Wise.
  • In 1592 parliament " ratified the liberty of the true kirk," leaving little liberty for king and state, since, in the phrase of one preacher, " the king might be excommunicated in case of contumacy and disobedience to the will of God," as interpreted by the ministers.
  • Alban's, Holborn, for contumacy, the archbishop, then on his deathbed at Addington, took steps which resulted in the carrying out of an exchange of benefices (which had already been projected), which removed him from the jurisdiction of the .court.