Sentence Examples

  • The college is coeducational and nonsectarian.
  • Bloomington is the seat of the Illinois Wesleyan University (Methodist Episcopal, coeducational, founded in 1850), which comprises a college of liberal arts, an academy, a college of law, a college of music and a school of oratory, and in 1907 had 1350 students.
  • It is the seat of Hastings College (Presbyterian, coeducational), opened in 1882, and having 286 students in 1908, and of the state asylum for the chronic insane.
  • It is the seat of Cornell College (Methodist Episcopal; coeducational), which was opened as the Iowa Conference Seminary in 1853, and was chartered in 1857 under its present name, adopted in honour of William W.
  • Austin is the seat of the University of Texas (opened in 1883; coeducational); the medical department of the state university is at Galveston, and the departments in Austin are the college of arts, department of education, department of engineering, department of law, school of pharmacy, and school of nursing.

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