Sentence Examples

  • Cobaltic hydroxide, Co(OH) 31 is formed when a cobalt salt is precipitated by an alkaline hypochlorite, or on passing chlorine through water containing suspended cobaltous hydroxide or carbonate.
  • This hydroxide is soluble in well cooled acids, forming solutions which contain cobaltic salts, one of the most stable of which is the acetate.
  • Electrolysis of a solution in hydrofluoric acid gives cobaltic fluoride, CoF3.
  • 59, p. 760) has prepared cobaltic sulphate C02(S04)3.18H20, in the form of small needles, by the electrolysis of cobalt sulphate.
  • The double salts containing the metal in the cobaltic form are more stable than the corresponding single salts, and of these potassium cobaltinitrite, C02(N02) 6 '6KN02.3H20, is best known.

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