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  • From its aqueous solution, concentrated hydrochloric acid precipitates hydrocobalticyanic acid, H 3 Co(CN) 61 as a colourless solid which is very deliquescent, and is not attacked by concentrated hydrochloric and nitric acids.
  • 3CH 3 CN = C4HN2(CH3)2 NH2[2.4.6].
  • When cyanogen is prepared by heating mercuric cyanide, a residue known as para-cyanogen, (CN)x, is left; this is to be regarded as a polymer of cyanogen.
  • CN, may be prepared by the action of silver cyanide on acetyl chloride; or of acetyl chloride on nitrosoacetone (L.
  • Kekule, in 1858, concluded that it was nitroacetonitrile, NO 2 CH 2 CN, a view opposed by Steiner (1883), E.

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