Sentence Examples

  • Below this comes the front, and then the face or clypeus, to which a very distinct upper lip (labrum) is usually jointed.
  • Ia, frons; b, clypeus (the pointed labrum beneath it); II, mandible; III, first maxilla; (a, base; b, sheath; c, piercer), III', inner view of sheath; IV, second maxillae forming rostrum (b, mentum; c, ligula).
  • The labrum and clypeus are developed as a single prolongation of the oral piece, not as a pair of appendages.
  • Of the head-capsule in the imago, it appears that the clypeus and FIG.
  • A, anus; Abx 1 Abx 11, appendage of 1st and of 11th abdominal segments; Ans, anal piece=telson or 12th abdominal segment; Ant, antenna; De, deuterencephalon; Md, mandible; Mx1, first maxilla; Mx2, second maxilla or labium; 0, mouth; Obcl, rudimentary labrum and clypeus; Pre, protencephalon; St t, Stu), stigmata i and io; Terg, tergite; Thx1, appendage of first thoracic segment; Tre, tritencephalon; Ul, a thickening at hinder margin of the mouth.

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