Sentence Examples

  • Its strong belly originates near the shoulder joint from clavicle, coracoid and scapula.
  • In the fore-limb the clavicle and the radius and ulna are well developed, allowing of considerable freedom of motion of the fore-paw.
  • He has shown that, as in the Crossopterygian and Chondrostean ganoid fishes, there co., are two clavicular elements on each side; the lower corresponds to the clavicle of reptiles and higher vertebrates, whilst the upper corresponds to the clavicle of teleostean fishes, and has been named by him "cleithrum."
  • As stated above, there is strong evidence in favour of the view that some forms at least possessed in addition a "supracleithrum," corresponding to the supra-clavicle of bony fishes.
  • In most of the Caudata the scapular region alone ossifies, but in the Ecaudata the coracoid is bony and a clavicle is frequently developed over the praecoracoid car tilage.