Sentence Examples

  • A basic chloride, Pb(OH)Cl, was introduced in 1849 by Pattinson as a substitute for white lead.
  • Jorgensen in the second dinitrotetramminecobalt chloride, [Co(NO 2) 2 (NH 3) 4 ]Cl, designated as flavo - whereas the older isomer of Gibbs was distinguished as croceo-salt.
  • Cl H Cl H N = N J.
  • Pararosaniline was reduced to the corresponding leuco compound (paraleucaniline), from which by diazotization and boiling with alcohol, the parent hydrocarbon was obtained (H 2 N C 5 H 4) 2 C:C 6 H 4 :NH 2 Cl - HC(C6H4NH2 HCl)3 - >HC(C6H4N2C13) Pararosaniline hydrochloride.
  • Cl, Cloacal or pallial chamber of Neomeniae and Chaetoderma.

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