Sentence Examples

  • Here X = Cl, N03, N02, 2S04, &c.
  • Pentammine purpureo-salts [R Co(NH 3) 5 ]X 2 where X = Cl, Br, N03, N02, 1S04, &c.
  • This last circuit has a natural frequency of its own which is numerically measured by I/27r-!(CL), where C is the capacity of the condenser and L is the inductance of the circuit.
  • Molybdenum dichloride (MoC1 2) 3 or Cl 4 Mo 3 C1 2 (chlormolybdenum chloride), is prepared (together with some tetrachloride) by heating the trichloride in a stream of carbon dioxide (C. W.
  • This, new system of Warmings, whilst probably too involved Cl ~er to come into general use, must be taken as superseding his der one;1 and perhaps the best course open to botanists is to dect such terms as appear to be helpful, and to use the selected I rrms in a general kind of way and without demanding any prese definitions of them: it must also be borne in mind that the g Ibid.

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