Sentence Examples

  • 18 34, 31, p. 68), and later by C. Gerhardt by the distillation of cinchonine, quinine and other alkaloids with caustic potash (Ann., 1842, 42, p. 310; 44, p. 279).
  • Lepidine(y-methylquinoline) was first obtained by distilling cinchonine with caustic potash.
  • Cinchoninic acid (quinoline-y-carboxylic acid) is formed when cinchonine is oxidized by nitric acid, or by the oxidation of lepidine.
  • The other alkaloids are distinguished from quinine thus: quinidine resembles quinine, but is dextro-rotatory, and the iodide is very insoluble in water; the solution of cinchonidine, which is laevo-rotatory, does not give the thalleoquin test, nor fluorescence; cinchonine resembles cinchonidine in these respects, but is dextrorotatory.
  • A mixture of the cinchona alkaloids, consisting principally of cinchonidine sulphate, with smaller quantities of the sulphates of quinine and cinchonine, is sold under the name of "quinetum" at a cheaper rate than quinine.

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