Sentence Examples

  • Heated with sulphur it forms benzoic acid and stilbene: 2C 7 H 6 0+S = C6HS000H+C6H5CHS, 2C 6 H 5 CHS =2S +C14H12 Its addition compound with hydrocyanic acid gives mandelic acid C 6 H 5 CH(OH) COOH on hydrolysis; when heated with sodium succinate and acetic anhydride, phenyl-iso-crotonic acid C 6 H 5 CH: CH CH 2 000H is produced, which on boiling is converted into a-naphthol C 10 H 7 0H.
  • CH 2 CH-CH 2 CH2 CH-CH 2 CH2-CH-CH2 CH 2 NMe CO --> CH 2 NMe CH 2 ->CH 2 HO NMe 2 CH 2 -> CH 3 CH-C11 2 CH2 CH-CHs C H2C H-CH2 Pseudopelletierine N-methyl granatanine CH 2 CH-CH, CH, - CH-CH, CH2 CH:CH H2 NMe CH 2 4--CH 2 HO NMe 3 CH,4C H 2 CH H2 CH = CH CH 2 - CH =CH CH2 CH2 CH A - o des-methyl cyclo-octadiene granatanine Cyclo-octadiene, C8H12, as above prepared, is a strong-smelling oil which decolorizes potassium permanganate solution instantaneously.
  • Conceivably enough the story of Jeremiah's journey to Egypt (or Mizrim) may have been imagined to supply a background for the artificial prophecies ascribed to Jeremiah in chs.
  • Stanley, being the story of the 1873-74 expedition (new ed., London, 1896); Life of Sir John Hawley Glover, by Lady Glover, chs.
  • Let us, however, be thankful for what we have, and notably for the detailed narratives in chs.