Sentence Examples

  • Chron., 1871, 42), apparently the Roman uncia inherited.
  • The country of Assyria, which in the Assyro-Babylonian literature is known as mat Assur (ki), " land of Assur," took its name from the ancient city of Assur, situated at the 1 The name Assur is not connected with the Asshur of i Chron.ii.
  • Chron., Jan.
  • " As for Kings and Chronicles, " besides the places which mention such monuments as, the writer saith, remained till his own days " (Hobbes here cites thirteen from Kings, two from Chron.), " it is argument sufficient that they were written after the captivity in Babylon, that the history of them is continued till that time.
  • Jewish tradition does not make David the author of all the psalms; but as he was regarded as the founder and legislator of the Temple psalmody (1 Chron., ut supra; Ezra iii.