Sentence Examples

  • In addition to diffuse pigment (mostly in the epidermis), the skin contains granular pigment stored up r' in cells, the chromatophores, restricted to the cutis, which are highly mobile and send out r2 branches which, by contraction and expansion, may rapidly alter the coloration, most batrachians being in this respect quite comparable to the famous chameleons.
  • It contains chromatophores in many species, coloured by a mixed lipochrome pigment which FIG.
  • The protoplast is uninucleate and vacuolate, and contains chromatophores of a brownish colour.
  • In Botrydium the chromatophores are small, without pyrenoids, and oil-drops are present; in Protosiphon the chromatophores form a net-work with pyrenoids, and the contents include starch.
  • In certain Euphaeophyceae bodies built up of concentric layers, and attached to the chromatophores, were described by Schmitz as phaeophycean-starch; they do not, however, give the ordinary starch reaction.

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