Sentence Examples

  • Iridium sesquichloride, IrC1 31 is obtained when one of the corresponding double chlorides is heated with concentrated sulphuric acid, the mixture being then thrown into water.
  • It forms double chlorides with the alkaline chlorides.
  • Two chlorides of copper are known, one a highly coloured substance, the other quite white.
  • In a series of repetitions of the experiment, by different observers, the following numbers were obtained for the ratio of the copper in the two chlorides: 1.98, 1.97, 2.03, 2.003, the mean value being 1.996.
  • Double chlorides of composition CoC1 2 NH 4 C1.6H 2 O; CoC1 2 SnCl 4.6H 2 0 and CoC1 2.2CdC1 2.12H 2 O are also known.

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