Sentence Examples

  • He was soon removed to Cheltenham grammar school, and in April 1823 matriculated at Pembroke College, Oxford.
  • He was attacked by so overwhelming a hypochondria that his life was despaired of, and he was placed for some time under the charge of a hydropathic physician at Cheltenham, where absolute rest and isolation gradually brought him round to health again.
  • The home of the Tennysons was now at Cheltenham: on his occasional visits to London he was in the habit of seeing Thackeray, Coventry Patmore, Browning and Macready, as well as older friends, but he avoided "society."
  • A few years later he retired to Cheltenham, where he died on the 7th of July 1897.
  • A Icarian colony at Cheltenham near St Louis, but this survived only for a brief period.